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Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is increasingly important.

What You Should Know About Responsive Web Design

In the last few years, mobile internet usage continues to increase drastically. People use their phones and tablets on the go for work sending emails, conference calls, and project management, as well as for fun, using the countless in social media platforms, watching movies and even live streaming tv, to look up information on the go, navigate to a new destination and more and more to shop for their favorite items. Mobile phones are witnessing increased influence in internet usage. With all this in mind creating web sites that use responsive web design is a must.

Why Businesses Need To Design For Mobile Users

According to research, the number of mobile phone users is only slated to increase with time, when compared to desktop and laptop users. The reason is because of the advent of sophisticated phones which are easy to carry, smaller in size and lighter in weight and have the ability to work faster and act just like any computer. It can be rather termed to be a mini computer. It is for this reason, you as an entrepreneur needs to have a responsive mobile web design. Statistics state that 80% of internet users currently own a smartphone, while 47% own a tablet. It also shows clearly that mobile phones have overtaken desktops where internet browsing is concerned.

Why Is Responsive Web Design So Important?

Previously, if a business wanted to have their site optimized for mobile devices, they had to create two different websites, one being the traditional desktop version and the other for mobile accessibility. It became really impractical, expensive and tough to maintain both the type of sites, especially in this highly demanding world, where customers want things to be done super quickly. The answer to this is creating a responsive website, which uses only one site that adapts to the mobile or desktop device that the viewer is currently using.

What Exactly Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a kind of web development approach that is used to deliver an optimized user experience. It makes it easy for you to make sure that users accessing your site from any device will see a great version. Moreover, responsive design is known to adapt to viewing layout by using proportion-based grids and flexible images.

Some crucial aspects to know why to implement responsive designs. Where SEO is concerned, there are a few significant factors that make it essential for every business to adopt responsive design. Although your site’s responsive version may require some time, energy, and even some expense, the work spent creating a mobile responsive site is well worth the effort:

Responsive Web Sites are Easier to Maintain and Track:

  • Visitor traffic tracking for various site versions can prove to be time-consuming since the two different sites are to be evaluated for conversions, analytics, and goals.
  • There is a need to manage and run separate market campaigns for different site versions.

Create an Excellent User Experience by Having a Mobile Friendly Site:

Just as in any brick and mortar store, online it is necessary to give your users an optimal experience. 43% of consumers will visit a competitor’s site immediately after a having a negative mobile experience. Your users need to be able to navigate the site and get information effortlessly from any device they use. This is especially true for users who own multiple devices. By giving your visitors a consistent, pleasant experience, they are sure to stay, become customers. Most importantly they are more likely to recommend your site to their friends.

In addition to happy customers, bounce rate is evaluated by Google and can affect your site rankings! Bounce rate is the number of times visitors leave your site from the page they first arrived on without browsing any further. The more a visitor enjoys your site and finds it’s content useful, the longer they are going to stay. A good bounce rate shows Google that you are providing a quality experience and have useful information.

Stay Google Compliant:

Google strongly recommends responsive web design. Without site being mobile friendly, it is sure to drop in the search engine rankings. Two different site versions are likely to have differing codes and URL. It will make the search engine to crawl and index different versions of a single site. Google has also explicitly announced that they have begun dropping sites rank that are not mobile friendly.

The process of transforming your current website to a mobile responsive site does take some time and effort. Though, as you can see it is a very good long term investment. Depending on how long ago your site was first created, it may be the perfect time for a facelift. Especially if you are starting out with a new site, there are a many reason why going with a responsive design can benefit your business in the long run.



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